Well hello there! Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog. It’s likely that you found this site because you are a good friend, or a friend of a friend or you googled something like chicken swing or rustic seed starting stand (both of which are things that may or may not be covered on here at some time in the future). My husband and I are busy pursuing careers, growing our family and we always have a project going. 2015 was a whirlwind – wedding, 2 dogs, a new house and a baby, so 2016 has been a bit less flashy, but busy with some settling in to our new life and lots of projects. For example, this past spring started with clearing a few trees and letting fresh air and the sun shine into the house.

The seasons drive our projects, our dinners and our adventures! All of which I plan to write about here on the blog. My plan is to post twice a week, once with a recipe and again with a project or educational tidbit that relate to the ebb and flow of the northern hemisphere seasons that we love here in Maine. I also want to figure out how to organize local resources, so like-minded people are better informed of the local happenings. I relocated to Central Maine from New Zealand a few years ago, and while I am totally content with exploring the region on my own schedule, I have recently found out about a lot of interesting happenings as my social circle has widened, if only there was an interesting website to find out what’s happening in my local area… well, I might just have to do something about that!

For food posts – In our household, dinner is inspired by the ingredients in our clutches and some type of taste inspiration – all I need to fire up the google machine for a recipe is what is in the garden, fridge or pantry that needs to be eaten and what type of spice do we feel like eating – Kale and Indian have been the favorites lately! Rarely is a recipe created as I find it, so I hope to share with you some of our inspired dishes.

For project posts– Well, it is actually mostly still all about the food. Lately, we have been focused on the getting the gardens ready and the chickens, but that will change with the season and as things around the house need improving. My husband is always working on something, so he has always been the inspiration for this blog; it’s hard to keep up with him sometimes, and he has a lot of great tips and tricks that I think the folks on the internet searching for answers will find helpful.

I am always open to input, suggestions and helpful links. The purpose here is to share information, document our projects and share/explore interesting activities in our surroundings. Now its time to figure out what to do with all the tomatoes that I canned last summer because the new ones are currently ripening on the vine.