Our Mission

Height of Land, Route 17, Oquossoc, Maine

Thank you for taking interest in our blog!

The inspiration for creating this blog came to us one day when we were working on some projects at our house. It occurred to us that we weren’t what most people would consider your “average family”. What we mean by that, is we are parents with two young children, and we are multi talented between each other in the skills we possess. We are always working on one or several interesting projects/renovations, and we live a very active lifestyle.

Repairing leaky skylight

To be more specific, even though our house is connected to the grid, and we still rely on income from a full time job, we implement as many self-sustainable living techniques that we possibly can into our lives. Between the two of us, there’s not a lot we can’t do ourselves.

Processing station for meat chickens
Part of our 2018 Garden

I have spent the first half of my career as a carpenter. I consider myself to be well rounded in this trade, and the knowledge I have accumulated has allowed me to never have to hire out work that needs to be done on the property that we own. With the exception of more specialty trades, which is always better off left to the people who specialize in those areas.

My wife, Josie, can make just about anything with some fabric, thread and a sewing machine. She is also very knowledgeable in the areas of gardening, planting and propagating. She also makes great food, particularly Asian and Indian cuisine.

Both of us feed off each others creativity and ideas. Together we are building a life that we hope inspires others.

Carter posing with our Fiddlehead harvest, 2018
Chanterelle harvest, 2018

The focus of our writing is to educate individuals and families as to what they can do themselves. There is so much information available to us through the internet this day and age. More so now than ever, we are living in a time where people are more apt to “do things themselves”. We all know that if there is something you need to learn how to do, there is a You Tube video out there somewhere that will break it down in easy steps.

We are both also world travelers, particularly Josie. We enjoy learning about different cultures. We share a passion for adventure. Hiking and skiing are among our favorite activities. So we enjoy spending a lot of time in the mountains and on camping trips. Having young children has made it a bit more challenging to frequently engage in some of our favorite hobbies, but we continue to pursue these passions through careful planning and creativity. Striking that balance in life can be done, even if it isn’t always easy.

Raising chickens for meat
Raising turkeys for meat

You will see a range of topics written about here. Everything from gardening, cooking, DIY home projects, parenting, raising livestock, foraging, preserving/canning foods, and chronicling of adventures. We are happy to have you with us!

About to enjoy a 100% homegrown meal
Homegrown Thanksgiving Turkey, 2018